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Baguettes, sandwiches , toasties or paninis
Bacon, stilton and mushroom
may contain:Gluten, stilton(Milk)
Garlic mushroom and brie This dish is suitable for vegetarians
may contain:Gluten, Brie, butter(Milk)
Prawns and dressing
may contain:Gluten, Crustaceans, in sauce(Eggs), in sauce(Mustard)
Tuna sweetcorn and mayo
may contain:Gluten, Mayo(Eggs), Fish, Mayo(Milk)
Make your own
choice of fillings
may contain:Gluten
Brie bacon and cranberry
may contain:Gluten, Brie(Milk)
Mushrooms and cheddar This dish is suitable for vegetarians
may contain:Gluten, Cheese(Milk)
Tuna and red onion melt
may contain:Gluten, Eggs, Fish, Milk
Bacon and brie
may contain:Gluten, Milk
Home cooked ham with English mustard
may contain:Mustard,Gluten
Cheese and homemade chutney This dish is suitable for vegetarians
may contain:Gluten,Gluten, cheese(Milk), in pickle(Sulphites)
may contain:Gluten, stilton(Milk)
Jacket potatoes
Jacket potato with tuna mayo
may contain:mayo(Eggs), Fish, mayo(Milk), mayo(Mustard)
Jacket potato with cheese
may contain:cheese(Milk)
Jacket potato with cheese and beans
may contain:cheese(Milk)
Jacket potato with chilli con carne
may contain:Celery
Jacket potato with prawns and dressing
may contain:sauce(Eggs), sauce(Soya), sauce(Celery)
Jacket potato with coleslaw
may contain:Mayo(Eggs), mayo(Mustard)
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