Rewards Card

Current Rewards


Sorry...we've not got any rewards programmes running at present

Collect rewards using your phone


step1Register on our site. It's Free

step2Select a reward scheme

step3Show the QR code to staff to collect



Just login to your account on your smartphone, select a reward and show code to staff.


No stamps. No cards to carry (or lose!)


Points are collected and stored online where you can collect and redeem when you want.


Points are updated instantly.

Loyalty Rewards

Collect points by registering on our website, if you're not already.
Just login to your account via your mobile phone and select the rewards section.
Choose the reward to collect points for and show the QR code to bar staff.
Bar staff will scan the QR code and points will be added straight away.
Redeeming points is just as simple, when you have collected enough points just go to the bar and show them the QR code to redeem points.

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