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posted Thu 12th Feb 2017 at 17:14


Coming soon
– a new look Green Dragon!!
We will be closing from February 13th
for two weeks for an exciting refurbishment.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to serve any meals or do any Bed and Breakfast during the refit!
Please be patient – it will be worth waiting for – we look forward to welcoming you to a new phase in the history of THE village pub!
We will be disposing of a certain amount of furniture etc. so any sensible offers please speak to Steve or Nicky.
First come first served!
Please check our website, Facebook page and Twitter for updates!!

posted Tue 29th Feb 2015 at 13:22

New Rooms

The new bedrooms are nearly ready and the GRAND OPENING is planned for FEBRUARY 3RD
Now we need to find names for the 4 new rooms and we would like your suggestions. Please enter either by picking up a voting slip or via Facebook or our website :
Please leave your contact details as we will be giving away vouchers for a complimentary stay in one of the new rooms.

posted Fri 28th Feb 2015 at 20:43

Updated fri 28th feb 2015 at 21:22

The Countdown begins...

So finally the date has been set for the start of the new rooms being built - due to start on the 21st of September. 24 days ...
So in preparation for this the garage has been cleared of years of accumulated junk - enough to fill a massive skip:
 A new shed has been assembled from the contents of 2 large boxes.
Great work, Steve, Jake, Jake and Joe!
And the old shed was demolished giving us a new space for the bins:
Luckily they didn't get too wet and supplied with mugs of tea and sandwiches they did a sterling job.
The plans for those who haven't yet seen them are below, slight changes have been made but essentially you can get the idea of how they are going to look when complete.
The garage still contains several boxes of glasses of various descriptions so if anyone wants a few to restock their shelves, please ask Steve or Nicky.
We are having the first site meeting on Thursday of this week so hope to have some more updates later in the week.
There have also been some interesting suggestions for names and themes for the rooms, so keep your ideas coming and then we will have a vote on what will work best.
Don't forget we are hoping to invite some of our regulars to try out the new rooms once complete so put your ideas in writing and you will have a chance of winning a stay before they go online!



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